Investment Philosophy

Trade Inc. enables savers and investors to have access to tangible investment strategies that secure THEM a stake in the fortunes of the global economy. We achieve this by practising disciplined portfolio diversification and by buying stocks we consider...


Trade Inc. has a highly experienced institutional dealing team, who specifically focus on fulfilling the unique requirements of our international and domestic institutional clients, as well as complementing the firm's corporate and research...

Research & Analysis

There are a few in the investment industry who regard technical analysis as being little more than guesswork. However, our analysts carry out these studies regardless as their comprehensive knowledge and skill of objectively evaluating...


At Trade Inc. we embrace financial innovation which allows us to enhance returns and identify/control risk in a transparent and cost-efficient manner for our wide range of international clients.

We pride ourselves on providing portfolio diversification across a range of asset classes for all of our institutional, corporate and private clients. Asset allocation is the most cost effective way to manage market volatility, protect against the unknown and preserve your capital.

Trade Inc. is committed to providing our clients with an array of services across all aspects of their financial needs. These services are always delivered in a manner that reflects our clearly articulated Investment Philosophy. A long and successful past has given rise to a unique, differentiating quality that we provide to all our clients: foresight. The value of foresight is that we are not swayed by market trends and speculation, therefore our clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands when dealing with Trade Inc.